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I'm thrilled that you found yourself here - thanks for stopping by to see what's happening in the new year with me and ThePoshGirlsClub Community. This year, we're bringing you multiple access points for working and growing your business - wherever you are. Our mission for 2020 is to reach and help start at least 5k new businesses inside of our community. So when you're seeking a source for tools, guidance, and accountability - you don't have to reach outside of ThePoshGirlsClub. 

Every great story begins with a reason...

Your "why". I love hearing the stories of other women who come into the PGC Community. As they share the story of their business and how their ideas came to be, there is always a beautiful story at the heart of it. 

I too have a story; one that goes back to early 2002, when I decided to try out a fairly new e-commerce platform called eBay. I wanted to sell a blinged out phone that I'd seen, but I didn't want to send my phone out to the company to have it done. 

Instead, I figured out a way to customize what we referred to as "housings" at the time. Essentially, creating the first ever "crystal phone faceplate"...and the rest is glam girl history!

I took that company, made 6 figures my very first year in business, then partnered with some of the most ICONIC names + brands of the last decade...all from a company I started in my living room.


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In over 18 years of business, I now help other women create lasting brands.

Not simply get more Instagram followers, or a large social media following. That's all great...but beyond that, I help you create a powerful, long-lasting, and trustworthy brand that offers value to your community. A brand that makes your ideal customer want to come back repeatedly, and tell their friends. A business that will bring your dream customers to you - just as I've done and helped my girls inside our Socialite Society do.

If you're wondering how to take the pieces of the business building puzzle and connect them seamlessly...you are in the right place.


All The Tools You Need To Build A Successful Online Business

This year, I'm simplifying how we'll work together to build your business. What I've found (and you probably know this too), is that there are resources available in abundance.

Everyone's offering a solution for business building. But the reality is that everyone hasn't done what you want to do!

There will be discipline and accountability needed each step of the way. And that's the element we provide for you!

Through private coaching, courses inside The Socialite Society, and our in person retreats + events - you now have the accountability that should go along with any resources provided by any Coach, Mentor, or Community. You'll find that here @ ThePoshGirlsClub.

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The Socialite Society

Our Online Coaching Community for the fierce, female entrepreneur + businesswoman. Here, we share content, give you access to resources to grow your business, and collaborate through our private Slack channel. It's the best type of community, because we truly believe in sharing resources to help you become the best full version of yourself.

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Elite Coaching Method

My coaching encompasses many elements of business building, broken down into 12 main pillars. Each one is designed to help you understand tools that will help you create a thriving, long-standing brand - not just become part of a trend. There is no get rich quick method of brand building. But you can work smarter over harder through what I refer to as "smart hustle". I'll share with you my recipe for success through one on one and group coaching inside the Elite Coaching Method. It's like no other coaching platform - because it's all based on now 18 years of experience in e-commerce. Proven track record of success, and strategies that I have personally used to run two 6 figure brands.

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Events + Retreats

Each year, we offer 2-3 opportunities to join us for a live retreat or meetup! This year, we have Miami and Bali on the map for 2020! In 2019, our Los Angeles retreat was so profoundly transformative for women from all walks of life - some who spent their last dollars to show up - and reaped the gains within DAYS of returning home from our event. Don't miss out on our retreats this year, and the opportunity to move yourself into the next level of your life. This is YOUR year!

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Let's Review Your Brand!

We're bringing back our most-sought after Brand Reviews for a Limited Time! Get a 90 minute coaching session and review of your business with Tori, Founder + CEO @ThePoshGirlsClub

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2020 Goal Setting

Every year, we bring you better ways of planning your content, business, and life with ultimate execution in mind! This year is no different. The PGC 2020 Goal Setting planner is our newest edition - an undated planner ready for you to begin building the life you desire - with actionable steps!

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