Where Fierce, Female Entrepreneurs are Made. ThePoshGirlsClub is driven to change the standard for women and their income earning potential. You don’ have to take the traditional route to making money, because today, the possibilities are endless! You CAN absolutely do what you love, and make money doing it. WiFi & a Dream, baby. #WifiAndADream


CEO of ThePoshGirlsClub, Tori Torres

South Florida Girl. Entrepreneur. Red Wine Lover. Author. Podcast Host. Designer to the Stars. Brand Evolutionist. Glam Girl. Mami to Cristian & Carmelo. 

Tori Torres, Entrepreneurial Writer, instagram business coach (Brand Evolutionist!), Social Media & Digital Marketing Strategist

Everyday on social media, there's someone talking about how great it is to be an Entrepreneur, the six figure income they're raking in from live streaming, or having their own blog. Traveling the world while living it up "like a Boss"...

Meanwhile, you're over here like, how do I set up this sales funnel (or what the hell is a sales funnel), and how can I rake in multiple streams of income while working this soul sucking, life sucking job?

I know...you don't mean to sound ungrateful. But at the end of every day, you just feel exhausted and empty. We know you're really grateful for that job. But we also know that you're just over working so hard for someone else's dreams. 

Here @ThePoshGirlsClub, that is what fuels us. We want to provide resources to help you create multiple streams of income, so that you can start building towards your own goals. That is the fire that keeps me burning bright, most certainly! 

I'm Tori, CEO of #ThePoshGirlsClub. I help female entrepreneurs build businesses. I provide them with resources each month through courses, swipe files, pdf's, and video tutorials. All in a members only website & through our private Facebook groups. Everything goes down in our private community, The PoshGirls Club.

As a Serial Entrepreneur, my desire & goal is to create supportive communities to help lead women through business building; but also building the entire woman. 

Our community features extremely diverse and successful experts who will help you be your absolute best self. Avoid burnout, collaborate over competing, and all with my full support within the community.


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At ThePoshGirlsClub

You will find your new Biz Besties from all over the world. They are diverse, multi-faceted, and one hell of a ride or die girl gang. We show up & support one another. We share ideas & thoughts safely, knowing that the goal is to help level up and succeed; not tear down or destroy. As a member of The PoshGirlsClub , you will learn all the tools & tricks to fast track your knowledge & skillset. You will learn about the sales funnels, mindset growth, and those six figure strategies and how they work for your business specifically (because yah, they do work!). And you will do it all within a community who wants that for you, too. And you already know, I want to see you win. 








I've built two completely different businesses, both reaching 6 figures within the first year of opening! I've partnered with and designed for the biggest Icons of this decade; Beyonce', Rihanna, DVF, Taylor Swift, The Kardashians, & Paris Hilton to name a few. And I share my knowledge & blueprints and the roadmap for you to get there. That's what goes down in our community! Here @ThePoshGirlsClub, we are redefining what we have been told we can do. Breaking barriers, building bad ass businesses, and doing it on our own terms.

My name is Tori. And I'm a #POSHGIRL
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