Brand Board + Logo Special

Looking for a way to quickly revamp your brand image? Take advantage of our special for a brand board + social logo. Create your very own unique space on the Instagram platform! Remember...first impressions are lasting! XX, Tori + Fee

Order your brand board on our business launch special here! We'll help you create a beautiful branded presence and help relieve the frustration of trying to get what you're hoping to see out of your head and into a tangible brand!




The Agency was created because here @ThePoshGirlsClub, we recognized an incredible need for e-commerce entrepreneurs to get help with learning how to, or simply getting access to amazing graphics to use for their brands. Many of our clients were in the daily struggle of figuring out what worked best for their business vs. how to find the time to put it all together. With that, Agency In The City was born!

We're launching a free 5 day course to help you build the most epic brands ever! 

5 Day Course Includes...

What does your brand's color story say about the brand, and who is it meant to attract?

Next, we'll cover 3 quick tips on creating your brand identity and making sure you deliver a clear message to your audience consistently.

Understand what it means to create your USP, or Unique Selling Proposition, to position your brands amongst titans of any industry!

Ready to get your Insta feed poppin'? We hope so! Join us and get a breakdown on how to make sure your feed matches the vision you have for your brand!

Let's simplify! Get help with the best editing software to use for various platforms + purposes! 

Ready to brand like a total Boss? 

Join the 5 day free course!

01 getting to know you

02 strategize & create

03 delivery

Content Club:AGENCY

Because we know that content rules, we have a vast range of content creation services, including content retainer plans, where you can access your own portal of custom designs for your brand each month. We create the content & you can access it at any time. That is, new content delivered every single month! Click Here for details!


Yes, this is true. But we also want to consider your actual home page, where your repeat customers will return often to do business with you. We create functional, beautiful web presences to match your branded presence across social media while maintaining the site for you monthly. 

Brand Coaching & Retainer Services

Because you’re busy building your business, you need someone to help you with direction and systems. You can choose between one time or ongoing Coaching Solutions from the PGC CEO, Tori Torres. Beyond that, we have Creator Content Solutions, where we  create visually stunning offers and graphics for you. 

The Content Club, Open August 2019

Do you need help with daily content creation? Our Content Club gets you 30-50 graphics each month - with various social media platforms to choose from. Change it up monthly for upcoming themes + offers. Never worry about what to post again! When you join as a Founding Member , you'll save $100/month! Check out what's waiting for you...

Let me just introduce myself if you don't know me already...I'm Tori, and I am a digital creator. I'm obsessed with creating things; it started with PoshLifeBling, my first e-commerce business back in 2002, then brands, then systems...and all of it goes back to CONTENT

Content is the game changer for any business! 
Think about this; everything that you make now will be around for...well, ever

Seriously, as long as there's internet + wi-fi, all of the digital content you create will be there for people to access forever

I love the sound of that, because that means that this content will pay me forever, too.

That's why I am always "spamming the internet" with my content. Daily.

Emails, blogs, trainings, videos, graphics + images. 

When you make this content that you're spamming the internet with...what do you want that to look like?
How do you want it to translate over time?

I always want to be certain that whatever I create is beautiful and complete; content that gets my message across to my dream customer on first impact...because you know what they say - first impression sticks, right?

So, I teamed up with my partner in The Agency, Felicia, who brings the best of digital design to our company. I mean, have you seen her work

We decided to create a community where entrepreneurs can learn to create the most amazing content ever, because you already know...Best Marketer Wins.


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