Brand Identity

In this phase of your business, we focus in on your USP (Unique Selling Proposition) first. The identity is essentially the starting point for your brand that everything else will stem from. Then we connect the brand USP and goals, mission, core value, etc. to your visual brand identity. The graphics, the colors, the tangibles. We'll work together to create a unique brand identity for you that you and your audience will love. Start with a brand board, your logo, & review consultation. Choose your most relevant package and let's get started creating a niche, beautifully designed brand presence.You can submit a request for a custom quote below as well if none of the options suit your specific needs.

Brand Board & Logo

Get a brand board to define an ongoing &

Scalable look & concept for your brand.

Also, a logo (text or image based) and submark.

Brand Board, Logo, & Branded Content

Includes up to 5 Story Highlight Covers

5 Branded Posts for your feed

…which you can send to story highlights with one click; use for Pinterest, & Facebook

3 Story templates that match your brand

Content Retainer Automation

Tired of searching daily for other people’s content to post?

Want your time back?? Here’s your deal…

Increase engagement while driving more traffic from your target audience

15 Instagram Posts Per Month

15 Graphics created each month

6 Instagram story designs per month

Use your graphics for Pinterest, Instagram, send graphics to your story with one click whenever you want!

We put the ease in your social media with this plan!

The DIY Brand Bundle

Everyone needs branded content for their Instagram feed!

The branded content are the quotes directly related to your business,

& visuals that people take to repost in their own feed or share in stories.

It's one of the easiest ways to grow your audience fast & organically.

Get your visuals design, these can last you 2-4 months!

Use them in your stories, on your feed, on Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook,

in your Facebook ads (all of our graphics are perfect for Facebook)


25 Instagram feed templates

25 story templates

25 plain templates (branded) for you to add quotes to or any other text you want

75 total graphics!!

Detail 2

Along with your brand presence are coordinating details that continue to deliver your message. Having each component with a signature style that speaks to your brand identity & target customer will help solidify your brand in their minds. Here are some other options to step your game up.

The Essential Business Bundle for Brand Presence.

Meet with our team to discuss the vision for your brand.

Design elements & USP. Then get your logo package, favicon, fonts, business cards, & more. 


Brand Review & Consult with the team (1 hour)

Brand Identity: Primary logo

Alternate Logo


Brand Styling: Font combinations

Color schemes

Brand Board

Business card design


250 business cards printed

5 IG Stories Highlight Covers

3 Branded Content Templates for your feed

Up to 5 Story Highlights


Build A Brand

We LOVE our Build A Brand option!

So we know you’re hella busy. You don’t have time to build out website pages, create logos, make your branded content & site headers…

We get it. Our build a brand content & headers are perfect for you!

What’s included?

Pre-designed website templates.

3 Branded Posts for your feed

3 Branded Story Posts

3 Story Highlight Covers

Branded Add Ons…

Custom Coaster Biz Cards

Leave them everywhere! Barnes & Nobles, Starbucks, Parties, Events, & use as business cards as well! Instagram is literally your new home page! Send new, curious potential customers to your Instagram wherever you are!

Our entire team has these across multiple states as well to do the same...


Click here to order yours!

Custom Tags

It's a struggle to stand out & become an unforgettable brand. You know, where the orders come in consistently, where people look for you instead of the other way around. Your brand should leave a lasting impression. Customize your bundle wraps or accessory tags here.

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