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Welcome to the Agency @ThePoshGirlsClub. Ready for game-changing content for your business? Let's get started.

Content Club: Agency

$19.99/month (cancel anytime)


We are a company dedicated to empowering brands to put out incredible content to help them reach their dream customers every day. Content is our secret to growth-hacking audiences @ThePoshGirlsClub! We offer 3 options for joining our content club! The goal is always to meet you where you are and create solutions for growth + expansion at every level.

CC:Agency Community


Inside of the CC Agency Community, you'll get access to tutorials + resources to help you make better content! If you're stuck on how to use different platforms, in need of ideas, or need a collective group input + feedback, you can get that from your community members. We'll keep you updated with the best software to use for your devices, help you choose branded color codes + identity for your business. Get Tori + Felicia's secrets on how we create content here in The Agency + ThePoshGirlsClub and apply those strategies to your business. The Community is here to support you in your content creation efforts!


CC:Agency Silver


$69/ month (cancel anytime)

Let us build a brand presence that matches the vision you'd like to achieve - but just don't have the time, or experience doing. This is our first hands off option. This option includes 30 graphics each month, with inclusion in the Agency Creators Community. That is, 15 branded graphics, that include your username, website, logo, or other identifiable mark. And 15 additional graphics that will compliment your brand.


CC: Agency Premium



$150/month (cancel anytime)

As a Premium member, you'll get a complete hands off experience! This membership includes 50 graphics to get you started, and 30 branded images each month! All images are premium quality, designed with you and your brand identity in mind. Let us know in advance for upcoming events, promotions, sales, and we'll create your content so that all you have to do is post it.

Word on the street... 

“I am still gushing over my brand revamp. It is exactly what I wanted. The agency definitely goes above and beyond to make sure that your brand reflects your vision. They are attentive and there to answer any questions you have at any time. I love working them. I am a client for life.”


Lisa - Bel Laren Clothing


"I want to thank the PGC AGENCY for helping me with my vision, since joining my entire instagram handle has changed for the better. The most important detail I’ve learned is paying attention to what my future clients as well as existing one’s needs and wants are. It’s not only about what I feel is best, their needs are what shall keep my company alive! Thank you for amazing gems 💎✨" - Jaquel, Versatility Is Key

"I won a Brand Board! Loved it so much I bought the logo !! They did an excellent job!! Thank you so much"

Life Coach

"I'm super excited! My brand was something that I could only communicate through words, but the PGC Agency brought my vision to life. Tori and her team of Boss Ladies were simply amazing, and I'm happy to have had the chance to work with them. Thank you so much!" - Kelsie M.

Carolina, - Ceez Naturals

"PGC Agency is a lifesaver! Let me just start by saying that. From start to finish everybody was incredible, there was no way that I would be able to get anything done without them. They literally held my hand throughout the entire process and were able to bring my vision to life for my website and continue to amaze me with every aspect of my business. I will continue to use them for all my business and social media needs!"

"Working with Tori always takes my business to the next level!! Her extensive knowledge of effective business strategies are top notch for any industry!!" -Wendy M.


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