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Join us on Facebook for a more communal working experience! Collaborate + find support within the POSHGIRLS Private Facebook group! Grab resources, first offers, + tips on business building…

We’d love to have you join us, we do have just a few expectations from our community members…so only apply if you agree!

  1. We believe in respecting all members! People disagree + have various opinions, but it’s how we approach those differences that count the most!

  2. Advertising should only be posted on posts specifically for that purpose when prompted by the Admin. This is a community + we do encourage meaningful, valuable content - you can share that as often as you’d like! But spamming of any kind is seriously gross!

  3. We believe in community over competition + our energy demonstrates this. There’s enough business for everyone + there may be others who provide the same service/product as you. But each person is unique + has something special to share. Agree?

If you agree with all those, then definitely we’d love to have you in the community!

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