Make Cyber Monday Epic.

Last year, Cyber Monday brought in $3.5 Billion dollars in sales. On ONE day. The biggest internet sales day EVER. Like, in history, ever.

This 10 part training has shaped up to be one of my most information packed trainings. And I am known for giving away TONS of value & content. Hello, ever seen me go Live?

Daily, you will receive a .pdf download packed with instructions key elements to success this Cyber Monday:

1. Live streaming like a Boss.

2. Creating killer content that creates Influence that converts!

3. Creating a seamless email sequence.

4. Offers, Giveaways, Freebies - what's the difference?

5. Presenting your best self, packaging (physical products), & design for digital products.

6. Content Strategy, scheduling, how to keep it all together & make sense of the content structure. Don't bore the audience!

7. Digital content, lead magnets, VSL's...

8. #StrongerTogether; how to build your following & grow your page.

9. Branding Strategy, does it all flow together?

10. Reasons you're not getting conversions!

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It's almost 400 pages of content, $67, and will include all of the instructions to implement each strategy into your business, just in time to make your offers for the biggest sale day EVER! 

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