It's time to...

Turn Up & Earn Up.

How will you do this?

Let's just say it's a little something called...


But you already know this, you're just not winning at it... 

K, well, just maybe not as much as you'd like to.

If you would say that's the case, then which one of these personas best describes you?

1. Totally confused Newbie: Don't know what to do, so I just do nothing.

2. All In Newbie: Don't know what to do, so I try lots of stuff randomly and get frustrated on the regular. Like, daily.

3. Lazy Expert: I know exactly what to do and don't do it because ...well, anything is better than  having to do all this work!

If you're Number 3, you are so fortunate! Stop reading this email right now and go do it! You don't need me. Except maybe to push you - which I find myself doing a lot these days, LOL!

But if you're number 1 or 2, that's why you have me!

If I could teach you ONE THING about marketing, this would be it.

It's not rocket science. You've just gotta show people you're worth it.

How can you Turn Up & Earn Up? The steps are simple.


Exciting Message + Attractive Brand + Consistently Engaging Content + Connect with Customers Every Day = Sales

Everyone's looking for a "formula" or a "hot tip" that's going to give them the shortcut to success.

I wanted that for years... And you know what?

There is not one. It does not exist.

Don't buy products and programs from experts who say they have the "secret formula".

It LITERALLY does not exist. They're wasting your time. And just as importantly - your money!

Here's what you DO need to make serious money, Turn Up & Earn Up in your business:

- A crystal clear understanding of your ideal customer and what makes their heart pitter-patter 

- A solid marketing plan that you work consistently every single day to get results

- A bit of copywriting experience - you need to know how to write about what you offer

- A bit of content creation experience - you need to know how to capture the heart of your customer with imagery 

- A SYSTEM (this is not a magic not a formula) that shows you step by step how to work through marketing challenges, so you can ALWAYS take yourself to the next level.

That's where we are this week. 

On this webinar, you will learn: 

1. How to define your brand, your message and your content focus so that people get excited when you talk about what you do.

2. How to grow a targeted audience that engages with your brand and *WANTS* what you have to offer.

3. How to engage authentically, so you can see the INFLUENCE, the results, & the sales that you're after.

This is a no-fluff, action-packed webinar training that I've put together to launch you into the New Year with laser-sharp focus, strategy, and high-quality, engaging content.

I want you to commit to join me, if you're looking to take YOURSELF to the next level - and not just your selfies (although I'll totally transform those too. It's just not the focus.) Or your service photos showing people what you DO, not who you ARE. 


Make YOUR platform - your INFLUENCE - your MESSAGE the priority, and sell through Influence, not desperation.

Be Boss about it.

Grab the Webinar Replay and learn to Create Influence (click here)

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