Let's talk about this $3.5 BILLION DOLLARS...

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Last year, a reported $3.5 BILLION in sales took place on Cyber Monday. E-Commerce Business' highest sale date EVER in history! That's a lot of wealth to share in...so where is your business in the scheme of things? 

Let's do a quick assessment?

1. I don't know if my social media page is set up for the best engagement, followers, and interaction! My page has random images, or lots of pictures of my product or service. What else do I post? How do I make it all look appealing to answer my customer's need, want, or desire?

2. I don't know how to create a bio that will get conversions, my click through links, or landing pages.

3. I have no experience creating effective landing pages, and mine aren't converting.

4. What's a CTA (Call To Action), and how do I make one?

5. I need a freebie, digital product, or lead generator! How can I get my customer's interest, trust, and business?

If you are feeling stressed, rushed, or unsure of how to maximize your profit in sales with the holidays fast approaching, here's a quick fix to your most pressing issues. And I don't say that lightly. Because I don't believe in "quick fixes" to anything. 

But these are legitimately valid and thorough steps you can take right now to ELEVATE your business leaps & bounds, like right now

Over the past month I have been covering different steps to prep you for Black Friday/Cyber Monday. Since I mainly deal in commerce for those who sell a product or service online, Cyber Monday is the big day for us!

What we have covered are:

1. Brand Structure & Development
2. Content Strategy (Daily creation, sources for content creation, and app scheduling)
3. How to create Influence that converts! 
4. Now we are in the Funnels Challenge, to help you send that customer down a direct path to purchasing!

Cyber Monday Setup is a daily step by step checklist for 10 days that will ELEVATE your business and set you up to win! Sign up for the Cyber Monday Setup Training & let's get you ready to partake in the riches! The training begins November 1st,!

If you are here for that, let me know, sign up now...


XO, Tori

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Ready to take your brand to the next level? Join the Cyber Monday Training Course for 10 days of everything you need to prepare you for the holidays!

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