#GOALS AF for 2018. What do you want to learn?

2018 is coming in hard & fast!


I'm preparing the schedule of content for the new year. I'd love to start at the beginning with elevating your brand. So many of the issues I see with client social media pages are the initial setup. However, I know that some want to begin in other places...everyone wants to get to the money. I get that.

So I'm asking you...where do you think you're at? What do you need in your business starting 2018 off on the best foundation?

Here are my options ...

Click what you want to learn!

(click one or multiple options, I just want to know where you are and what you need, and how I can help you WIN!)

1. Branding like a Boss, how to make my Instagram feed POP!

2. Content strategy - Visual & Copy (Creating enticing stories, and daily posts)

3. How to Create Influence. Building a community around your brand, people who will love what you produce. 

4.Building your blog or podcasting.

5.Building your YouTube Channel (sell live replays, build influence, host VSL's, Host webinars-up to 8 HOURS stream time! , go live with your audience/ Superchat)

6.Brand New (newbie) in business. Just starting out, #fromdayone

7.Email Sequences, Landing Pages, Affiliate Marketing.

8.Funnels. Simple selling strategies.. Simple selling strategies.

9.Growth, more followers

10. Live stream help. ideas, structuring, confidence, tips.


Those are some of my main subjects heading into the new year. Kindly let me know which ones you are interested in learning more about! Let's kill it in 2018. 

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XO, Tori




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