Today I woke up, took a look at my Instagram feed, and realized I needed a rebrand. I'm a branding strategist. Which means, I help my clients develop their pages daily. I create a look & feel and match it to their concepts. They count on me to take three words and 3 colors and turn that into branding magic! So, when I took a look at my own page, I realized it no longer suited me. I've changed. I've grown. And my brand needs to show that evolution, too. I've learned that rebranding is good for the soul!

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So, there are several elements to a successful Insta Brand. These are built through a strong, deliberate brand strategy.


1. First, you must decide what your brand will represent. Choose a color scheme that speaks to you and what the brand itself represents. I'm over the top girly, feminine, posh, prissy, and I love fabulous things. My Mommie always says I was born "extra". In fact, we have a running joke, where she calls me "Okie"; which stands for overkill. And my reply is that, "I'd rather be Okie than Undie..."; which is "Underkill".

For me, it wasn't enough to have a Barbie doll house; I needed the biggest one. A simple vanity dresser was acceptible for most little girls. But I insisted on an all white vanity, with a matching furry chair that resembled a throne, and an oversized, ornately embellished mirror. I was six. I mean, seriously...Your band should mirror you.

2.  What is the lifestyle representation? My entire brand overall, is Posh Life. So every market under my brand umbrella must represent that. Posh, luxury, glamour, positivity, and freedom. However, the brand must also be personal, not just the luxe aspects. So, I must connect those elements to tech, family, the fact that I'm a foodie, and a traveler. And for me, of cours, there must be elements of bling. This is what branding is. Ideals connected to the soul.

3. Display this in visuals. Now, you must take the branding elements and infuse yourself into it, to create the full brand strategy. You then use those elements to create visuals that match the theme; your colors & personality. Mix it with vivid, attractive visuals, and that becomes your content. Connect the visuals.

Does your brand need a redesign? A fresh set of eyes? 

Get your Brand Makeover Here!

Keep Hustling, Girls!

XO, Tori

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