Instagram For Entrepreneurs

The heart of your brand is made up of several key components:

WHO you serve. 

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Who your ideal client is:

The people that PAY you and the people that inspired you to create your business in the first place.

Let's start with:

Your WHAT – how you uniquely make a difference in the world, the solutions your create, what you deliver on. 

This is your business' special sauce.

It's why only you can provide that product/service.

Your WHY – your business contributes something amazing to the world – in some capacity you make a difference and that’s inspiring (and the whole reason you got into business for yourself in the first place).

Once you’re clear about these 3 things, then you can start to develop (or fine tune) your products & product offers. And grow your email list. 

Ever experience those days of lags on Instagram where you can't post, comment, like, add’s hella frustrating! You have some really great content you’d like to share with your audience…but you can’t because Instagram doesn’t want you to be great today.

Even worse…what happens if your account gets deleted?

Everyone’s heard the story of Claire @Fashion Bomb Daily who had over a million followers, and then one day, POOF! It was just gone!

Can you imagine…?
After all of your hard work, courses, ebooks, months & months of posting content that took hours to create every month…only to log on and your Insta is gone!?

Don't leave the Business of your Business in the hands of any social media platform.

Your social media does not belong to you.

Get your customer off of social media. Build your email l list. 

Get our Instagram For Business Course & learn how you can build your business to guide traffic from Instagram to your email lists & build the smart way!

And learn how to make complete product offers & grow your list all at once.