Growth-Hacking Your Instagram - How To Get More Instagram Followers

People have the wrong perception about audience growth using Instagram.

Most believe - and this is based solely on observation - that they can open an IG or other social media account...put up some photos...throw a website together, and then come back to IG & say “Hey, go buy my amazing product, the best of it’s kind and ony available for a limited time!”.

And what you’ll find is that 99% of those businesses fail.

Unless you’re already a popular influencer or celebrity - it just doesn’t work that way for the business.

Especially now in a time where the market is full of people seizing the opportunity that the internet affords.

So it’s not that opportunity isn’t there.

It’s that your strategy sucks #sorrynotsorry.

Listen, I had the benefit of starting on Instagram basically from day one, and I did it with my first account being for an already existing business.


So I’ve had over a decade of trial & error in knowing what works using the platform. And luckily…I don’t mind sharing…

How To Get More Instagram Followers

My sons have their company w/ their Dad. He is opening the first physical location & wants to know how to get people to be there to show up on opening day....

The problem with him, as with so many businesses...they’re thinking: “how can I make more money, instead of what does my customer want and how can I deliver that to them?”

So here’s the thing...Your audience doesn’t care what you’re selling if they don’t care about your brand...that means, they have to know how your brand makes their life better.

Let’s put this into perspective…

For Fashion Nova, that’s the best fitting jeans everrrrr no matter your size or age; feeling sexy at any age or body type.

For Louis Vuitton, that’s the most beautiful vaschetta leather that will age, or Patina over time. No two bags are the same because of this. So that’s what you’re spending thousands of dollars for. For that special product that is unique and gets better with age.


For his brand, he’s selling FAMILY TIME. AND something for young boys to look up to. For men to look up to & aspire to create within their own families early on…

That’s what he’s selling bc no one cares about his icees, lol. They can go anywhere for that, and probably pay less.
It’s a harsh truth, but who doesn’t want the truth when it comes to being successful?

He gets so excited about the flavors & how much it tastes like the original coquito cart guy from The Bronx. We actually visited their company years ago when researching the business & whether it was something that could be done with the transport of goods from NYC to NY where we lived at the time.

But as I told him, no one cares about coming out, getting up & dressed to come and get your ice. YOU care about that.

You are the one who loves your product and your brand.

That thinking is Me Centered.

Great business people know & fully understand that the benefits of your product & interaction with your brand should be customer & mission focused.

And so, as the business, you have to figure out...what does your customer care about?

And of course, there can be many segments.

But for the ideal customer...the one he’s going to want to reach most consistently...they care about family time.

Because for a college student, they won’t care about getting up to come and try some ice. He does festivals up & down the East coast - not a targeted, consistent audience, right? Right.

So if he spends the next few months building a database & email list where he can start creating the relationship with them….he can attack from the angle of introducing the audience to the brand...which is the boys names, literally.

HE (as much as he would love to be, lol) is NOT the brand. He’s not the face of it.

They are!

How To Get More Instagram Followers

It should be centered around them - but he does what most entrepreneurs do… They get me centered.

They forget what the whole point is - and that’s to give the customer something THEY WANT.

Find the Beard that Suits You.png

He should be sharing stories on why he started it...

if he wants it to be about himself - how he grew up in The Bronx poor as hell, but always loved icees. He could always afford that little coquito and it was the best treat ever!!!

He grew up, got to meet the man who started that mega brand & told him how inspired he was by him…Now he owns a multi-million dollar business, getting ready to franchise across the state.

Then he can go on to share the story of his boys & bring it back to them.

All of those are subjects to talk about in his emails leading up to the event. But in each one, he has to share the story on IG CONSISTENTLY! He may even do a few pop-ups for family time at other events & stores.

He may have a quick guide to things to do in his city with your family or how to plan your next kids birthday could be the drink list for adult beverage icees & which ones to have at certain events…

All quick downloads that are going t grab the attention of his most likely customer.

And now he can communicate with them as often as he’d like.

You may think your look book is great - but have you considered the customer’s want? Why would they download it? What’s the benefit to them for downloading your lookbook?

Because again, it’s about what the look book will do for them?

Will it help them see how to wear your looks?

What items will you include from the look? Your favorites or items that have been popular?

This is how you grow in today’s market. It’s not about YOU - it’s about what YOU can provide the visitor with instantly.

How to Grow Your Instagram Followers Organically

Of course, you want a visually appealing feed that’s going to get your ideal customer to stop.

I’ve beat that into everyone’s brains for the past year...branded content is the win.

Without it, you’re missing the opportunity to reach people organically all day, everyday.

Then you have such a unique opportunity right now with Instagram specifically, to come across and then instantly connect with your ideal customer in an impactful way.

We launched the Instagram Growth Challenge just a few days ago. You can get in, begin at day one, and start growing your brand with tips & real help - real scenarios that I used every single day over the past year and a half to grow PGC.

We also have IG Audits which include a review of your Instagram, but also your sales funnel from our PGC Agency that you can get here.

What has been your biggest and most challenging effort in growing your audience?
XO, Tori

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