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Hectic House!

I have a soft spot for single Moms...being one myself. This Mom is not only raising four babies alone...she is a distinguished member of the military, armed services. Working to take care of her babies...and she has served this country well!

Her brand is based on the designs she and her kids create together...inspired by the Imagination & Creativity of her kids. Pretty awesome, right?


What did I do for her?

1. Create a narrative for her ideas...a look/feel for her brand. Branded images for her to intermingle with product photos & examples of her "hectic house". 30 days worth of content to post at her discretion. She is set up for automated content. We send her alerts right to her phone with the pre-arranged & designed content. All she has to do is add her caption, to post in her brand voice, and voila! A brand is born!