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The ONLY 4-Hour Crash Course that takes you step-by-step to to the Discover page to reach more of your dream customers, for more follows, opt-ins, + sales. 

Let's get real. 

Instagram is literally the MOST powerful platform to help you grow your business. BUT. Posting content every week with no strategy behind it WON'T help you crush your goals and get the traction and conversions you oh-so-badly desire.  

So what's a budding entrepreneur to do? 

- How exactly can you skip the frustration that comes with lack of traction and growth? 

- How do you STRATEGICALLY get more views and followers so you can build life-long customers?  

- And how do you position yourself as an authority figure so you can DOMINATE your niche, sell while you sleep, and launch your online biz into the STRATOSPHERE?  

These are the exact questions I answer in Instagram for Bosses, a simple yet strategic way for you to get on track with Instagram, and stop wasting your time making posts + creating content that no one sees.

This course will show you everything you need to know to go from hardly-there to EVERYWHERE.  

But the question is…are you ready for that?

Instagram For Bosses Course is NOW Available!

We do this all through our online training so you get to work at your own pace.

Instagram For Bosses


If you’re an entrepreneur, small business owner, content creator, social media strategist or a personal brand, Instagram for Bosses is YOUR roadmap to increasing targeted followers on Instagram and owning your niche.

You could make content + post  for YEARS and not gain traction unless you harness these simple principles. 

So don’t waste any more time. Let’s do this together!  

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4 Sections, 4 Modules, and 4 step-by-step Training Videos! I walk you through the entire Instagram marketing process from start to finish to make sure your content will be seen by your exact target audience. 

Instagram for Bosses

Will give you exactly what you need to dominate your niche in less than 4 hours: How to develop incredible content for your niche, a built in audience for your content, a community of engaged potentials, more traffic & leads, AND optimized search-ability so you're being seen by your ideal clients.


What will you learn?


I will show you how to find the right keywords to attract your customers, how to design + edit amazing graphics + content, how to schedule and optimize your posts, and finally how to properly share your content online to get 5x the reach. 



The exclusive "Instagram for Bosses" Facebook group helps all the bosses in this program support, like, and share each other's content to help each another. So basically, you have a highly targeted and organic audience right out of the gate!


We created checklists and cheatsheets to keep you on track with your Instagram marketing ideas, goals & objectives! 


We put together a special bonus section that will cover everything you need to know in order to create the perfect Opt-In. From content, to design, to set up, to email integration and testing, we will show you step-by-step how to turn your Instagram followers into actual leads and customers.

"I've been getting one on one coaching from Tori for the last 6 weeks and it's been nothing short of AMAZING. These techniques + strategies have skyrocketed my numbers, followers, subscribers, revenue...and we still have two more to go. People are recognizing my BRAND. I'm just here to say she is the REAL DEAL and you will see results IMMEDIATELY. I'm so GRATEFUL for her and so EXCITED for the future of my business. She gets TEN STARS."

Online Boutique

Want An Inside Look of What's Waiting For You?

Module One: RESEARCH

  • Content Clues: Messaging Content Brainstorming Tactics AND The Exact Strategy I Use to Discover Strong Industry Topics That Your Target Audience Is Seeking 
  • Keywords to Success: A Complete Guide Through  Keyword Planning to Demonstrate Exactly How to Use the Powerhouse Database to Optimize your posts for ranking + attracting the right audiences.
  • Leading to Targeted, Organic Traffic Coming to Your Page Every. Single. Day.



  • How to Structure Your Brand Story: The Exact Outline and Structure to Use in Order to Create Your High-Converting, Customer Attracting Story Content  
  • Writing the Perfect Script: The Key Elements that Every Script Requires PLUS My Exact Script Writing Process I Use For Every Video, Post, + Story Series
  • Story Editing in Under 10 Minutes: A 5 Minute, Step-By-Step Demonstration on Exactly How to Edit Your High-Converting Story Video For Every Day

MODULE 3: Engagement Tactics

  • How to Get Even More Engagement for Your Posts: All of the Steps, Tips, Secrets and Tactics I Use that Will Help Your Content Get the Views, Engagement, and Discover Page Ranking You Deserve


  • Email Marketing: How To Use Your Instagram Posts To Build Your Email List, and In Return, Use Your Email List to Build and Grow Your Instagram Engagement
  • Social Media Promotion: How to Add Gasoline to The Fire By Promoting Your Content Through Social Media. I Will Take You Through Each Social Platform Including, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube to Demonstrate How to Use Them Each Specifically to Gain More Views on Your Content + Posts.

"Just got into the program: Here's the report so far...$1300 in sales in the first month. Over 1k new followers on IG. 1030 new followers on YouTube and Facebook. Shoutouts from Major Influencers; one of who has been seen on The Today Show. Major Influencer contacted me to be on her Podcast. TONS of emails, DM's + all the things. "

Ecommerce Business


You'll get my Client Acquisition Blueprint Guide. Which walks you through the exact steps to create the journey for your customer: This is the magic that every business needs, that MOST skip, to get the complete direction for your business. It's valued @ $997. This is the blueprint taught at my Masterminds...and the value is PRICELESS.


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