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You want to sell your products using Instagram...

But you're frustrated for many reasons. Maybe you jumped on the platform and posted your product, and didn't get any sales... Maybe you don't know how to even start listing those products and making offers. Perhaps you aren't clear on how to get people to come and interact with you because there are brands bigger than yours already killing it in this space. So where does that leave you?

Since 2004...I've been using social media to sell to hundreds + thousands of customers globally.

That included attracting clients like Paris Hilton, Khloe Kardashian, Rihanna, Taylor Swift, the Diane Von Furstenberg Fashion House...and Queen Bey!

I'm sharing my process inside of my newest book...

Instagram For Bosses

In it you'll find a cut-to-the-chase distillation of the lessons I learned to

turn my head (and my business) around.

PLUS the exact tactics, strategies, and practical, proven steps I took to go from amateur level sales, to my first $1 Million in sales over the next 18 months. And since then...

This same framework has helped me launch 2 different online brands of my own. And grow an active, real, engaged community of 1 Million+ strong on Instagram alone.

Make over 6 figures in sales. Coach over 10,000 other successful entrepreneurs. And create a powerful global community, @ThePoshGirlsClub, that is now visited by thousands of businesses daily, who have now generated a combined $2,000,000 in sales.

This isn't a pie-in-the-sky pep-talk or another complicated marketing scheme that's going to scramble your brains and take up a ton of time.

It's the EXACT opposite. This is all about simplifying. It's stuff I learned the hard way that worked for me - and I know can work for you....

This book is a perfect distillation of my years putting this simple plan into action — and transforming my business from a nearly dead-in-the- water enterprise to a 6-figure company that's helped me create the lifestyle I've always dreamed about.

How to sell anything on Instagram.

Learn how to replicate the simplest selling process using Instagram. It's the strategy people don't want to share, because it eliminates all the stress and confusion of building a solid sales strategy using social media to infuse new customers daily, while building your brand name and reach.


What you'll learn...

How to create a sales strategy that empowers you to sell any product using Instagram. Replicate your sales strategy for every product you have


Learn simple solutions for driving new traffic to your page + moving customers off of social media. Uncover the methods to automate your income, emails, + influence while you sleep!

Learn the strategies I use to have the most ICONIC celebrities find and contact me about business, buy products from me, and even shout me out to their audiences; helping me growth-hack by the thousands in a day!

Get your copy

Learn exactly how to create a sales strategy that empowers you to sell any product using Instagram. Replicate your sales strategy for every product you have

The solution for creating a simple system to sell your products (any product) on auto.

“Make money in your sleep from our simple sales strategy”


I share my breakdown of the "Kardashian Sales Funnel" Methodology, and how any brand can use this in their business. Get simple solutions for driving new traffic to your page + moving customers off of social media to your conversion site. 

Frequently Asked Questions

01 | IG For Bosses is for anyone who wants to sell a product (s) using Instagram.

02 | Anyone who wants to create a stream of income

03 | Students, Entrepreneurs, Stay at home moms, literally anyone who wants to learn to sell smarter

No, you don't need a website to sell your product! In this book, you'll learn how to make simple sales without creating a full website! You will learn to sell the easy way!

You will learn a very simple process for creating income and selling on Instagram. This system can be used for any social media platform, and for any product.

Yes! It's not as difficult as you'd think to sell online. The only problem is that people don't understand how! And with busy lives and no direction, trying to figure it out becomes frustrating, expensive, and exhausting. We created this inexpensive guide to give an outline and direction on exactly what you need to do to sell. You just have to actually do it.

You will receive a link to download your book immediately after purchase. You will also get the option to purchase a hardcopy of the book, which is at cost. Meaning, the price it costs us to print your copy + ship it to you.

All products are digitally delivered immediately, there are no refunds offered for this product. 

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