PoshGirlsClub Rose Gold Selfie Stick

PoshGirlsClub Rose Gold Selfie Stick


Our PGC Rose Gold Selfie stick comes with some of the best features for your Recorded moments!

It’s sleek & quite attractive for starters…

But the features are superb!

  • Fits larger phones with ease!

  • Works for iPhone and Android!

  • Snug, protective fit

  • Easy to reach photo/video button!

  • Hand & finger grips!

  • Sturdy!!

  • Super expansion for far away video recording

  • Rotating top

  • Selfie Light!

  • Mirror to check your look!

  • No extra clicker or pieces to lose! Snap photos & videos right from the device!

  • Extremely compact! So no bulky products to lug around!

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