The Ten

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Influence is the key to success on social media. Everyone wants followers. Everyone wants sales. But very few know how to go from being a new brand to one that can create influence right from the start. That has been my success to building 4 of my own brands on Instagram, with audiences totaling over 5ook. That's only on Instagram. I thrive on every major social platform, and I teach my clients to do this, too. The reason I am able to do this so easily, is because I have been "Influencing" my audience for well over a decade.

Why do you need Influence to grow your business? Influence = Followers. People will follow you because they are now interested & engaged in what you have to say.

Followers = Tribe. Now you turn that audience into people who look for you to show up.

Tribe = Trust. If you have a tribe constantly showing up for what you have to say, they Trust you. And trust is tough to gain over the internet, so that is Platinum!

Trust = Conversions!

Once your audience trusts you, they will buy just about anything you tell them to (within reason, obvi) as long as you can give them value.

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