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Tori Torres, Entrepreneurial Writer, instagram business coach (Brand Evolutionist!), Social Media & Digital Marketing Strategist

I help other female entrepreneurs develop their brand on Instagram, YouTube, & other social media sites. Learn to build influence and sell your products & service s smarter through Branding, Content Creation, & Relationship Building. My first businesses began before social media. So I was able to endure trial & error, understanding how to grow a brand via social media before it was "a thing". 

The truth is, I have always been an Entrepreneur. In middle school I designed my own magazine, making myself Editor, of course. I assigned sections to my friends to turn in each week. In high school, I created, printed, and sold greeting cards to local boutiques. Back then, I had to actually use a typewriter to type out my poetry (boy, was I committed)! And at Florida State University, I designed nails with bling & art to make money so I could have all the extras a young college girl absolutely needs - like the hottest bags, shoes, and outfits, duh. Entrepreneurship always came naturally to me.

When I began my first full-fledged company, PoshLifeBling, I honestly had no idea what I was doing. eBay was new, as was e-commerce in general! But what I did have was determination and a desire to learn. There was a feeling inside of me that told me I can do this.

Before you know it, I was raking in anywhere from $15-25k a month! Then came social media! Myspace was just popping up. So over the years, I have dedicated countless hours to learning & mastering digital and social media marketing. And like me, so many women have the Entrepreneurial spirit, yet unlike me, they lack the understanding of how to market in today's digital society.


...was created to help other women better understand how to create beautiful content, find their target audience, and deliver their brand message consistently. I wanted a place where women can network and learn how to be a great, effective entrepreneur, and ultimately grow their businesses. There are many major agencies that began with capital and a huge following; success is fairly easy when you have that as a starting point. But I was a Stay-At-Home Mami just looking for a way to make a few extra dollars of my own so I could buy the things I love without someone else's permission.

I took my companies from my living room to the Red Carpet, to multiple television networks, to backstage access & then, to the biggest names in the entertainment & fashion industry!  All on my own, from my home...There is a distinct formula, and if you follow it, you can do it too!  If you are an aspiring entrepreneur with the drive and passion to succeed, you are in the right place! 

I help you brand your business, and create daily content that connects your audience. Develop a sales funnel using my simple strategy that I've used for the past 16 years. Develop landing pages that convert! Then learn to use YouTube along with Instagram to grow that brand exponentially! Develop digital content for your business...and if you're not internet savvy, you get my hands on expertise to guide you. Ready to elevate your business? Click the menu to see what service I can help you with. Or shop my extensive collection of ebooks /courses for wherever you are in your business. I'm rooting for you!


Why Am I Qualified?

As a social media brand developer, I specialize in driving sales through social media, engagement, branding, and creating a raving fan base for clients. Through the years, my businesses have been featured on networks such as Bravo TV, VH1, BET, MTV, The GRAMMY's, and Project Runway. I've had multiple partnerships with International Corporations such as Bandai Corporation of America, ShopByBravo, and the Diane Von Furstenberg Fashion House in NYC. If that's isn't enough, I am currently working on my MBA, specializing in Digital Marketing. But beyond all that, I have actually done it myself and helped other hardworking, dedicated entrepreneurs and charities build too.







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 XO, Tori

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