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In this course, you'll be working directly with the CEO @ThePoshGirlsClub, Tori Torres, to learn exactly how to position a winning brand using Instagram.

Having built multiple thriving brand pages, @ThePoshGirlsClub reaching nearly 1M in just 2 years, Tori is a highly skilled expert at creating a powerful brand presence, and then monetizing those platforms with income streams. This course will teach you the steps to launching your power brand using Instagram, just as Tori has done with her brands, and for her Agency clients. We only offer a few, limited spaces to this information - packed course. Ready to get the goods?

Automate Your Business

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Brand building since 2002...

We're going back to the basics. I'm helping a few business owners (or aspiring entrepreneurs) connect the dots to brand building.


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Course Curriculum

Day One: Brand Deliverables; Your Branded presence and how to growth-hack using social media.

Day Two: Unique Selling Proposition; Taking your branded presence and understanding who your niche customer is + positioning your space..

Day Three; Email Automation: Run your business while being the creative in your business; avoid overwhelm, exhaustion and missed opportunities.

This course is for anyone looking to establish and build their brand presence using Instagram. You'll learn exactly how to set up your business' key elements before you start posting + reaching out to people. Instead, you'll learn how to bring in the right audiences regardless of your follower count, while still growing your business with the right audiences for monetizing your business. 

This is a free course of content that people pay for inside of my private communities and in coaching consults. It's intro trainings for more in-depth strategy that my clients use to start to properly build a business foundation. It's priceless + valuable information. So does the time really matter? 

If it does, the answer is: that's totally up to you. Take an hour each night of the course to consume all of the information and apply it into your business. The better question is - how can I make the most of this 3 day course to start strategizing a business that will make me money. I will take what I'm learning, apply it into my business, and make the most of this opportunity..mindset shift.

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