Features Overview

The PGC Academy Offers various courses, workbooks, and ebooks to help you as an Entrepreneur (or aspiring). Choose where you are and get instant access to products, videos, & information to help you where you are!


Feature 1

Need help growing or developing your Brand Identity & Presence? Here's an incredible opportunity to work in a coaching environment with our Founder, Tori Torres. 30 Days of branding across multiple platforms which include a daily prompt and workbooks as well as video replays all centered around brand building. 


Feature 2

Run The Gram is the new Complete Guide to Instagram, our new, updated version of The Babe Book, our 2017 Best Seller! It's everything you need to know when starting or growing your brand using the Instagram platform. From Branding, to Content development; Monetizing & Automating your business.


Feature 3

When creating a plan for your brand, there are many steps you'll need to take. Use our Brand Building Blueprint Planner to help. Build your brand identity, create your dream customers, and write out an actionable, daily plan to follow. Use it and refer back as you grow to keep your initial goals in sight, always!