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Audience Demographics

Instagram 800k+ (average 15k/month growth)

Our audience consists of 67% female and 33% male followers. Average income is $57k - 135k/ year. 42% Caucasian 34% African American  | 19% Hispanic | 5% Other



We reach an average 5 million Impressions on our Instagram page weekly. Discovery is approximately 1.5 million each week. 


89% of the audience consists of current or aspiring entrepreneurs. That includes Attorneys, Doctors, Coaches (Health, Wellness, Business, + Life focused). Network Marketing + MLM's. Beauty + Health Influencers, Small Business - both commerce + brick + mortar.

Instagram Story Post

Get featured in our Instagram stories for 24 hours (1-2 images per order max). Or One 15 second video max per order.


Instagram Feed Post 

Get featured on our Instagram feed for 24 hours!


Instagram Feed Post+ Story Post Combined 

Get your post on our feed for 24 hours, along with a story post to expand your reach!


Webinar | Private Group Coaching with Tori

Need a group coaching session on any topic? Branding, USP, Sales Funnels, etc? Book Tori to help your team or group with your Business Building Needs!


Product Placement + Reviews 

Get a complete product review + feature on our Instagram Feed or IGTV, Stories, Facebook + Twitter. Fill out this application + our team will be in touch!


Terms + Conditions

Thank you so much for your interest in advertising with @ThePoshGirlsClub! Before ordering, please take a moment to review our Terms + Conditions below.

We don't promote any hate, bigotry, or racist content. Your ad will not be posted if it fits into one of these categories. We also don't promote any content that suggests "the best" or "better than"In the spirit of collaboration over competition. 

Ads are posted from 12pm - 5pm EST. times during the dates/ times you request at checkout. 

All ads are posted AS IS | Please be sure to proofread your ads + graphics in advance.

If you need us to create an ad design for you, you can choose that option during checkout. We'll submit it for your approval along with the option for one edit.

After placing your order, you'll be taken to schedule your ad date. Keeping in mind that we post within the window of 12-5pm EST., we guarantee the day, not the time. 



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