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Learn How To

Cultivate + Articulate your brand message in a relatable way to your audience that makes them want to share your brand with their friends + family.

Learn How To

Simplify your offers + eliminate expensive, or time consuming launches.

Learn How To

Position your content to share your story + expertise while you work your zone of genius, without stress or overwhelm.

I see you in the daily hustle, babe...

I know you're putting in work.

You are literally so close to creating your dream business which will lead to your ideal lifestyle.

You're so close, you can hear the champagne bottles poppin'!

But you're not quite seeing the results to match that effort you're putting in.
So what can it be that's keeping you from imminent success?

Why isn't your cash flow matching your work ethic?

You're in pursuit of your dream daily...
Showing up to post on your feed and really making the effort to grow your brand.



Hi babe! I'm Tori Torres, Founder + CEO of ThePoshGirlsClub! And I want you to know - I've been there!

I've built and rebuilt my communities using social media since you could - and I want you to know that it may seem tough - it may seem like an endless circle of never reaching where you want to be. But I'm telling you - there's a better way.
I'm taking you behind the scenes of what it took to build #ThePoshGirlsClub in just 2 years! 
We just hit the two year mark, and we also just hit nearly 900K active, engaged, + monetized audiences + followers!
I'm teaching you exactly how I've used Instagram for the past 2 years to build a 7 figure brand.
And how I reached the first 6 figures in the first 10 months. What's great for you though, is that you don't need thousands of followers to grow your business + make money. I have clients with under 1k followers who are making $5-10k per month in sales. What you need is a strategy!
Your hustle is not in vain.
You just need to change the strategy + align that with your hustle + I'm going to show you how in my free training!
✅You want to start a business + you're just in the beginning stages
✅You've been working at your idea for awhile with little to no growth - your mindset is struggling because you can't get past what you're experiencing to see a solution.
✅You know you have a great product/service to share with the world but you don't have a system that gets you in front of the right people consistently - so you're always on the hunt for new customers!
✅You're so frustrated from seeing your followers count go up + down - you haven't found a unique marketing mix that consistently brings in new audiences daily.  
✅You're getting really exhausted from the constant activity + "hustle" and not seeing results for your efforts
✅You struggle because have so many things to do in the day + can't seem to understand why you're not growing or how to reach these ambitious goals you have.
Here's the best part...
It doesn't matter what stage of business you're in, you can use these strategies to growth-hack your business + infuse the right mix of strategy to bring these people in everyday!
Your ideal, dream customers!
Having the right strategy makes all the difference! And most businesses on Instagram are not doing this right! 
That is why...
✅They have the constant yo-yo of followers
✅They burn out on the regular, like daily, from not getting questions, comments, or engagement
✅They aren't getting sales in their business everyday and if they do, it's not without tons of work!
✅They're not feeling confident in their product or themselves and they give up!
Are any of these you?
I'm going to take you through the exact system that I've created for developing my business, content, + strategy that took me from startup to 6 figures within the first 10 months of opening this company! And that's brought in over 900K of my ideal, dream customer in under 2 years!
So, ready to learn...
✔️ The PGC Success Framework: the complete, proven strategy that I teach my high touch clients on how to quickly grow your business + monetize right away.
✔️ The PGC Content + Conversion Methodology: for creating + delivering incredible content to your audience that makes scaling + daily communication an absolute breeze!
✔️ The PGC Launch Sequence: the most simple sales strategies that any business can apply to have a quicker + more streamlined launch.
I'm asked daily how I've built @ThePoshGirlsClub so successfully so quickly.
I'm taking you behind the scenes...because this was total + complete, laser focused strategy. Strategy that anyone who's really serious about growing can do.

✅ I was very dedicated + determined. That's the most important part of everything. My Consistency!
✅ I post all of my own story posts daily - I design them myself too.
✅ I create + post all of my Instagram feed graphics - all while running 2 companies 
✅ And I write my own blogs, emails, + other content.
I can do this effectively, successfully, + without burnout - because I have a tactical strategy that I have personally put together that works for my business. I use this same strategy for my high-touch coaching clients...And I'm going to share it with you!
✅Go from an underpaid business owner, coach, or consultant to a high-demand earning business owner with a distinct, unique voice!

✅ The strategies to transition from just someone selling products (or attempting to) using Instagram into a brand that brings constant visibility + impact to the audience.

✅ Understand proven methods that will help you continually increase your profit system and delight + meet the exact needs of your audience + clients.

✅Growth-hacking strategies that will have your audience showing up +opening their wallets + ready to take any offers you deliver!

Early in my business...

I figured out how to position myself as a brand that celebrities + major fashion houses would want to work with. This eventually let me reach those people, like Paris Hilton (back in 2004) + Khloe K. I'd go on to build more relationships with even more brands, because of a simple growth-hacking + positioning strategy that I've used over + over...without fail!


I took this strategy...

And used it to reach the most ICONIC celebrities of the last decade! 

So not only have I used it to growth-hack Instagram. But through my systems, I've consistently reached + even partnered with the Iconic Brands + Celebrities that were great for my business, or that I just admire, like Gary Vee...10 years later, I'm still making an impression with those ICONIC celebrities + brands that share my message with their audience = MAJOR Growth-Hacking.


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