New Year, New Goals


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AKA, The Guide to Creating a Vision + Scalable plan for your business growth, personal development, and success in 2020!

Hosted by Tori Torres, Founder + CEO of ThePoshGirlsClub, with 17+ years in e-commerce + audience growth hacking!


This training is for you if...

You're tired of struggling with achieving your goals and keeping a strong and healthy mindset because of it...

✅ You don't have a clear understanding of how you'll achieve your goals this year.

✅ You're loaded with ideas and drive - you are ready to do the work - you just don't know where to begin.

✅ You want to know how six figure earners build businesses, seemingly overnight, and the strategies used to achieve these epic results!

✅ You know it's your time. You're willing to do the work. You just need help making sense of how to structure what you're already great at!

What you'll gain...

Our strategy for business planning is simple, yet powerful and effective!

✔️Vision + Clarity

Learn ThePGC Methodology for creating a clear money path for the year.

✔️Identify Streams

Get crystal clear and laser focus on financial goals and products as you prepare your business outline.

✔️Plot + Plan

Create a strategic system for planning your year with social media, content, and mindset strategies to keep you accountable and consistently moving forward.

Hi Babe!

It's time to get the deets on exactly how you can grow your business and create a simple + powerful means of doing so this year. 

Honestly, this isn't rocket science! But so many spend their time going in circles, "hustling" vs. what we refer to as #smarthustle that you genuinely don't know why things aren't coming together for you.

In this 90 minute training, I'll be giving away my PGC Methodology on goal setting, mindset hacks, and strategy that I've used to build ThePGC brand in just 2 years.  


You won't believe how simple this is...

When you get crystal clear on your vision, add in a few strategies to keep your mind + vision laser focused, and build with consistency and clarity - you find yourself removed from "the struggle" and experiencing "the wins" in what I often talk about from "The Law of Compounding Effect". It's my fav⚡️ Join the free training + I'll show you the exact strategy on how I've built my 6 figure brand quickly without gimmicks, dishonest practices, and without burning myself out wasting time on things that simply don't work. Let's get you to the wins.


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