ECommerce Branding Webinar

ECommerce Branding Webinar


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What's Included?

  • FREE Workbook
  • Setting up your brand. Sometimes if you find that you're not converting, go back to the basics. Understand why there's a disconnect between you and the customer. Learn how to make small changes that have a huge impact!
  • Develop your voice, message, brand look. What do you want the customer to feel when they get to your pages?
  • Create killer content. Content is the first contact your customer has with you. And they engage with thousands or at least hundreds of other accounts everyday. What will make you special? What are you offering them?
  • Value! How to bring your customer value. 
  • Repurpose content for digital products. Everyone needs them! Let me help you figure out what you can offer.
  • Funnel the customer! Create the perfect call to action, and then guide them through a simple funnel that converts!
  • Develop a simple landing page for leads or sales conversion.


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