How to Get Celebrity Clients

How to Get Celebrity Clients


This is my guide to use Instagram to get celebrity clients.

Not only at celebrity events, but networking events that you participate in. The exact strategies are necessary to get the ideal client's attention and engage them, and make them a customer. 

If only I'd had this complete, detailed checklist the first time I went to a networking event. It was the Steve Harvey Neighborhood Awards and I forgot the most important thing - MY SIGN! When you're thinking about putting together the best products and display and travel arrangements sometimes the most important details can slip your mind. 


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In year five of my business, I met Khloe Kardashian when I went out to LA to my first celeb event, the AMA's. A year after we met, the show Keeping Up With The Kardashians aired. The great thing about being involved in celebrity events is that not only do you meet A-Lister's, but you often meet up and coming stars, or those that are really willing to engage with you and your product.

Which means that you will have years of content to market your brand based on the initial images and press you get. Then you build on it. My guide to getting your products into the hands of celebs is a step by step process of preparing and what to expect, and how to present your best self and get the most return for your investment. I've done it first hand for over 16 years now. I know how to get the press to come to you, how to get celebs (or customers) to stay and interact, and how to get the best images for your personal use.