The New Rules of Social Media Engagement

The New Rules of Social Media Engagement


No one can dispute the fact that social media is constantly changing. It will only continue to evolve with new features designed to enhance the way we communicate with others … while leaving many feeling frustrated and panicked because now you’ve got to "relearn" how to beat the new algorithm to expand your influence. 

But I’ve got good news for you! I’ve studied these algorithm changes and one clear trend seems to be emerging. Algorithms  favor content that has genuine engagement. Through every algorithm change, I continuously show up under Top Posts and Recent Posts for my hashtags!

Content that receives genuine engagement stands a fighting chance against any algorithm change. 

If you can’t beat the algorithm, you’re going to be left behind. You won’t reach the people who will subscribe to your list, visit your website, and buy your services and products. 

Right now you may be frustrated because you know that you’re not attracting your ideal audience on social media. When you aren’t attracting the right people, not only will it be near impossible to generate engagement, but you’ll miss out on visitors to your blog, subscribers to your mailing list, and clients and customers.

Can I share a painful truth? If you aren’t receiving engagement now, it’s going to be even tougher with each algorithm change.

But I can help. I know social media backward and forwards, inside and out, and I’ve come up with the “formula” for getting organic engagement and expanding your reach online to beat any algorithm now and in the future..

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