PoshGirlsClub Social Media Planner

PoshGirlsClub Social Media Planner


The new PoshGirlsClub social media planner has over 120 pages of content to help you build your brand! Beyond that, you can develop a winning plan for your social media. 

In it, you will find my Blogging guide, which gives you access to the formula that I use to automate my $82,821/yr blog. And how you can create yours!

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  • Help with Hashtags
  • What to post
  • Developing Post Stats
  • Ideal Customer Development
  • Multiple Brand Development Worksheets
  • Goal Planning
  • Gratitude Journaling
  • Budgeting/Advertising
  • Collaborations Planning
  • Repurposing with Purpose!

Each one comes boxed in a travel container, so that you can always keep it protected. The planners are all designed, every single page, with precision & love! From the page dividers, the tabs, and inserts...all chosen, cut, and assembled individually to create a luxury end product! Not your average planner, and definitely not the average social media planner. This "Brand Bible" was designed with the posh, boss babe, woman on the go in mind!