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We're a business and personal development community for the fierce, female entrepreneur and businesswoman. Keep up with upcoming events + free courses below.

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Tori's Journey...

In 2002, I launched my first company, PoshLifeBling. I started from the bottom - like literally, with no capital and no blueprint for how I'd make it work. There were no coaching communities or female empowerment communities. No coaches or guides - because what I wanted to do had never been done before.

I wanted to build an eCommerce empire.  eBay was still in the infantile stages. But I leveraged the platform to sell $119k in products my first year in business. 

Social media was such a new idea - so when MySpace came along, my first instinct was to use it to sell my products. 

Took that - scaled it, reached the most ICONIC celebrities including Paris Hilton, Khloe Kardashian, Gary Vaynerchuk, Rihanna, Diane Von Furstenberg Fashion House, and Beyonce Knowles Carter!

People wanted to know how I did it...and ThePoshGirlsClub was born...

I was minding my business, preparing for the next chapter and scale for ThePoshGirlsClub. In nearly 3 years, I'd created a platform with a million women across our social media channels - 800k here @ThePoshGirlsClub alone. I'd created core competency courses that generated over $300k in sales. Then, my last Instagram For Bosses ebook had 9k downloads in 8 months.

I was running multiple communities, giving courses, hosting retreats + in person trainings across the country, taking on private coaching clients by myself...and honestly feeling quite overwhelmed with all of the daily tasks and responsibilities. 

I knew it was time to scale. But I didn't know how I could trust someone with the standard of service I had created for my brand. 

Enter CoCo...

When Tori Met Courtney...

I met Tori in 2017 Shortly after she created the PGC. She was literally a light within the internet. I remember every little detail about our very first conversation. I became a speaker at her 2018 Atlanta Conference because I could see the vision she had and the lives she was changing. Then I disappeared to have my 2nd son. But The influence and impact she had in my life was too much to ignore. When I popped back up after I had the baby, I just knew that I wanted to lend whatever skills and resources I had to her mission. I am so super passionate about being a servant leader, connecting people, and offering a massive knowledge base to anyone I contribute to.

I am a former US Army Captain, certified science teacher with a Master's in Education and I am finishing my PhD in Organizational Leadership. I have worked with massive corporations like Mercedes Benz Technology, built internships with Clemson, and constantly network with international leaders.

Our collaboration has set us on a mission together to create the most fierce female entrepreneurs and businesswomen all over the world.

In 2020, we are holding you accountable to your dreams!

We want to see you win!

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Corporate Babe or New Entrepreneur?

We have a community of women with similar stories from across the world, who've met inside of our intimate, tight-knit community, to share, build, and create a life that offers more than what they ever imagined was possible...

Struggling to Get the Results You Intended?

You are not alone. There are not a lack of resources available to you. For so many women, dealing with the ins + outs of your routine make you feel as though you can't ever have the life you want.

Overwhelmed in a Sea of Ideas?

The common theme is there isn't enough time, money, resources, or support to ever begin planning or to get the hands on help you know you'll need. If you're feeling overwhelmed from the hustle, the information, and the mounting expense of it all...


Join Us

The Socialite Society

The #1 Community for the Fierce, Female Entrepreneur and Corporate Business Woman

Tori's brings more than 18 years of e-commerce experience and partnerships with some of the most ICONIC celebrities + brands.

CoCo brings over a decade of executive level leadership, and corporate relationship experience.

We are leading community to get insider proven strategy to build your brand from the ground up. Join us to get daily tips, resources, and strategies to grow your dreams online. 

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Meet Tori, Founder + CEO

Innovative Creator + Visionary. Mami of the two coolest boys ever. Serial Entrepreneur. Red Wine Lover. Fierce Leader of a Global Girl Gang.

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Meet CoCo, President + Leadership Coach

Wife. Mom. Master Networker. Former US ARMY CAPTAIN. Super Nerd. Fierce Accountability Partner of a Global Girl Gang.  

Why The Socialite Society...

We’ve got your back babe!
For real! This year we are focusing on making sure our circle is tight! We have 2020 visions and goals to achieve. Our fierce squad of female entrepreneurs is always encouraging and motivating each other.
We want to see you win. Period.

The Socialite Society is place where you can learn grow and receive the information you need to chase your dreams. No basic workshops here, we consistently produce focused and intentional courses based on market demands and nearly 20 years of experience and education!

  • Leadership skills + positioning
  • Excellence in brand development 
  • Connecting your passion + purpose to monetization strategies
  • Selling smarter through systems
  • Results Driven Coaching

Once you complete the foundational framework, you're eligible to become a Brand Partner within ThePGC Community. This puts your brand in front of our audience of over 1 million and growing, and signs your seal of approval to that audience who knows and trusts us! 

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Monthly Business Bundles

Each month is power packed with lives, trainings, worksheets, workshops and journals. The resources are updated consistently, as you receive a new Business Bundle each month to help you elevate your knowledge base. 


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Group Coaching 

You will have access to the support you need, you'll get live trainings with our team! Including access to our Trademark + Copyright Attorney, Mindset Coach, Leadership Coach, and of course Tori!

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Accountability + Support

The PGC is committed to holding you accountable to your dreams. We have created a Success Framework outlined through a strategic brand map, formatted by our team to take you through building the most important foundational elements that will stand the test of time no matter what platform is poppin'.

Join The Socialite Society
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