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You're busy, but unsatisfied...

Maybe working a 9-5 (or some variation) have a business but haven't seen the results you'd hoped for. Or you're in the ideas phase, thinking about what you can bring into the world.

There are not a lack of resources available to you. Information is available in droves on the world wide web. There are coaches and "gurus"...nothing like when I first started in the e-commerce world. Information is empowering...if you know how to apply it. That seems to be a key missing element in the online space. Tons of information coming your way, no understanding of how that information applies specifically to you.

If you're feeling overwhelmed from the hustle, the information, and the mounting expense of it all...

You are not alone. We have a community of women with similar stories from across the world, who've met inside of our intimate, tight-knit community, to share, build, and create a life that offers more than what they ever imagined was possible...

For so many women, dealing with the ins + outs of your routine make you feel as though you can't ever have the life you want. The common theme is there isn't enough time, money, resources, or support to ever begin planning or to get the hands on help you know you'll need. I felt that way once, too. But the alternative of not having the life I wanted loomed...making it a dire scenario of "sink or swim"...

It all started...

With me taking a chance on myself back in 2002. I decided I wanted to be a stay at home Mami with my first son, Cristian.

Only problem is that I didn't think through how I'd be at home with him and still have an income that gave me independence in what was becoming a very tumultuous marriage. I needed something that gave me freedom!

As scary as it was, I figured out a way to sell a product before even having one in hand - essentially launching my business and making my first 6 figures in that first year of business! A whopping $119,000!  I'll tell you all about how I did this - and strategies that you can still use right now to get started with a tiny budget (I didn't have a single dollar to put up!) on the inside. I love to give my babes start-up ideas + ways to monetize right away!

Anyway, a few years later, and with another little guy in tow (Carmelo, or "Mr. Man"), I'd find myself backstage at the American Music Awards. After all the work I'd put in, preparation + opportunity would equal a chance meeting with Khloe K, who would 6 months later become a Cultural ICON. That one single photo led to collaborations with the DVF Fashion House, Project Runway, product appearances with some of the most known BRAVOTV Housewives - Nene, Adrienne, Gretchen, to name a few. Next was inclusion on the Shop By Bravo website! On to Big Ang, Rihanna, Taylor Swift, QUEEN BEY, the GRAMMY's...and let's not forget the perfect placement by the ORIGINAL "Socialite", Paris Hilton in her book, "Confessions of an Heiress"...This led to so many more celebrity clients + events, I couldn't possibly name them all here! NONE of this would have happened if I had not taken the LEAP!

“ThePoshGirlsClub is where fierce female entrepreneurs go to create thriving brands. We are driven to change the standard for women and income earning potential, and show them the way to lasting financial freedom” 

"We believe in “WiFi & a Dream”, because that’s what it takes to make it in the digital era – along with your drive, some resources + direction, and some nudging from other women who are in a similar position. This is where ThePoshGirlsClub comes in to fill in the role of teacher and bestie. We welcome new members daily who are excited about their futures, and we help them to create an impact, doing what they are most passionate about, while making an income.”  -Tori Torres

Weekly Lives!

Each week, you'll get live trainings with our team! Including a Nutritionist, Trademark + Copyright Attorney, Mindset Coach, Leadership Coach, and me! 

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The Socialite Society

The Online Community for the Fierce, Female Entrepreneur


With 17 years of experience of entrepreneurship, you're in the right place to access the hands on help you've been needing. When I first began building an e-commerce business back in 2002, there were no communities or tutorials, coaches, or business strategists to help navigate the path of online business. It was every e-commerce trailblazer for themselves, trying to navigate building websites and the emerging social media platforms; I began my first run at just 19, on first profile was for my company, PoshLifeBling!

This selling format was a completely new "social selling" methodology, and I followed my gut instinct using it to leverage more Influence + Sales for my business. And yes, it worked!

I call this "grass roots". Getting in the trenches, putting in the work now, so that you can enjoy the fruit of that labor ongoing - forever. 

I'm Tori Torres, the fierce, female entrepreneur behind The Socialite Society. I've spent nearly 2 decades building my two brands, and now I share those lessons, resources, and strategies with my business besties inside of  The Socialite Society.


The Socialite Society is the #1 Community for the Fierce, Female Entrepreneur to get tips, resources, and strategies to grow their business online. Backed by 17 years in e-commerce, and having partnered with some of the most ICONIC celebrities + brands over the last decade, it's the leading community to get insider proven strategy to build your brand from the ground up.

Our Methodology + Framework



The PGC Success Framework is outlined through strategic outlines to take you from beginning to end. The resources are updated consistently, as you receive a new Business Bundle each month to help you elevate your knowledge base.

Brand Pillars + Methodology

Our specific methodology + teachings come from 5 main pillars that create the brand strategy for your business.


Here you'll learn about a visual Brand Identity strategy. Understanding how to pull together visuals along with the magic that only you can bring to your market through your individual proposition, and create a thriving brand.


This is where you'll learn all about the DNA of your business, and develop the most simple way to create content consistently, never worrying about or experiencing post paralysis (what the heck do I post?).  Never run out of or struggle with what to say daily to your community + fans!

Growth + Influence

Here, it's all about growth-hacking! Ready to fill your business with your dream customers? Get all of the different strategies we provide you with growing your audience and then knowing how to keep them coming back for more! Hello, future thought leader!


Systems and scaling are for the pros of setting up scalable automations. But we'll make this so super simple for you, you'll be writing out your emails, blogs, + messages + connecting sales funnels in no time!

Why We Do What We Do?


Simple, we embody a community that's vast with diverse culture, and looks like the world we live in. We value + live the concept of community over competition, the common theme throughout The Socialite Society's intimate + supportive community. I had to figure this whole world of social media + ecommerce out alone - and I did it, making 6 figures within my first few months of starting that first company. And repeating that process over again right here with @ThePoshGirlsClub. I do this because I can, and because I want to see us all win.

There is no one size fits all strategy...

...when it comes to business building. Every company needs their unique strategy + marketing mix. So get access to the materials you need and consume them at your own pace. 

We have a community with entrepreneurs of many backgrounds + markets. Here are just a few...

What our members say... 

Find out exactly what our members are experiencing inside the community...

"Tori shows you the difference between a coach just selling a course and someone who wants you to succeed."

The Community Support Is Wonderful

"Tori gives us a crapload of info which is so useful! You can always go back to it to use as a point of reference! The support we all show for one another and the sisterhood is amazing!"

Jamie N.
All The Info!

"Tori's positivity is everything. PERIOD. It builds this whole community."

I love it here.

"I have been So BLESSED ever since I came in contact with Tori on instagram! She has been an inspiration as well as a steady source of information in the growing of my business and I will not only continue seeking her wise counsel I would recommend EVERYONE looking to learn and grow their business to her!"

Founding Member
Marian K.

"The help that Tori provides is beyond words. She shares all of her wealth of knowledge and holds nothing back. The best decision I made was joining her Socialites. "

Founding Member

"Tori is a know it all and I mean that in a good way. Anytime she tells me to do something, I do it and get instant results. She really knows her stuff. Coaching with the posh girls club has made me see my brand in a whole new light. If you are looking to be a brand to talk about then the Posh Girls Club is the club for you. "

Going Global!
Lisa M.

"Within 2 weeks of finally joining (I watched Tori for about a year before finally committing to myself) I made $6k in my first two weeks! I had the elements, I just didn't know what to do with them. The information I learned helped me book my first client in only 2 weeks!"

Just joined...

"I had $1300 in sales the first month. Gotten over 1000 new followers on Instagram. 83 Followers on Facebook. Over 100 new YouTube subs. Shoutouts from Influencers - one of which had been on The Today Show. Kristy Glass Knits asked to interview. Tons of emails and dm's with words of support, thank you's, and all the things!"

Only 3 weeks in...

Frequently Asked Questions

You will get monthly access to all of the resources inside of the members area as well as the secret Facebook society. You can post questions directly in the members area for clarification, and also bring questions to the meetings we have together on Facebook.

You can cancel anytime, no questions asked. When you cancel your membership, you'll also lose access to the secret Socialite Society on Facebook.

We currently have hundreds of hours worth of resources inside the community. You'll begin with over 100 hours of content as soon as you sign up. Then you'll receive new Business Bundles each month as long as you are a member.

If you choose to sign up through the monthly payments, then your first payment will be due the day you sign up. From there, you will be billed every month on the day that you enrolled. If you chose the yearly payment, you will make a one time payment and be set for the entire year. Plus the SWAG goodie bag!

We have community members of all different business types. The content is made for anyone building a business using social media to advance and establish a brand presence - so everyone! That includes MLM's or Network Marketing, Chefs, Coaches, Entrepreneurs, Coaches, Physical + Digital Products. We are for you.

Then you're in the perfect place! You'll get the resources to begin your business properly so you spend zero time back-tracking! Get help with ideas for your what you can do as a business based inside of the community.

Incredible Business Resources!
Monthly Business Bundle delivered in your members portal
Access to trainings + masterclasses just for you in the video vault!
Get planners, pdf's, swipe files, walk-through tutorials
All trainings included at no additional cost to Socialites!
Additional community challenges + live meetings inside the secret society 
Access to industry connections that I've used for over 10 years to get exclusive pricing + opportunities for celebrity events and press opportunities with major magazines like InStyle, People, + US Weekly! 
More trainings + resources inside of the secret society Facebook group
...And relationships to last a lifetime!

Monthly Coaching

Monthly group coaching sessions are one of the best perks of our community! Get your questions answered from the Business Bundles provided, and get the hands on help that you need to continue to move forward and grow your skill + knowledge base consistently!

All access

I share all the strategy + insider tips to build your business quickly. Bring your questions to my weekly live checkins inside our community + get answers to your pressing business questions.

Hands on

Help building your business without the competitive energy of only giving bits + pieces; if I know It, you know it. Because we all win when we slay in our lane!

Show up

For yourself, and I show up for you. Got questions? Tag me! Your growth depends completely on you! This is a community that truly wants to see you win!

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